A couple of programs I put together, if you find them useful then feel free to download them.



LazLock running on Windows 10

A  free password manager for GNU/Linux & Windows.
This application stores and encrypts your data using 128 bit AES encryption.
Simply put it on a USB stick and take it with you.
When logging on to a website Copy and Paste your login details into any website without having to manually type them out.
LazLock also includes a random password generator which allows you to create more secure passwords.
Download LazLock



T-Zup tea timer app
A Windows desktop app that tells you when your tea has finished brewing.
(note that this is tailored to my taste in tea strength)
Download T-Zup.exe 461kb


filthy Lucre

filthyLucre running in Windows 7
A currency conversion program available for Linux and Windows.
This is from the code example given in
All files can be downloaded from


filthy Web Browser

filthy Web Browser, a lightweight web browser for Windows.
Written in Free Pascal, using the Lazarus IDE.
Download filthyBrowserSetup.exe 7.88mb


filthy RTF editor

filthy RTFeditor, a simple RTF editor for Windows.
Written in Free Pascal, using the Lazarus IDE.
This is a standalone .exe file, no installation is needed. Just
download and run.
Download filthyRTFeditor.exe 510kb


filthy Editor

filthy Editor
filthy Editor (I like to keep the names simple!) is a basic text editor.
This is a work in progress, the source is kept at
and binaries can be downloaded from
The source code released ‘as is’ into the public domain because, frankly,  if the software license is longer than the source code then something’s wrong!

If anyone wants to play around with it I’d love to see someone improve it.