Getting used to Poser 10

At the risk of this turning into a Poser blog, I wanted to post another short piece about Poser 10 again.

Since I don’t want to pay for 3D content, I decided to check out the free content that’s available online. I really like the user creations at ShareCG and I’ve downloaded several costumes and characters like Behemoth and the cool variation of him here

Adman is a kinda funky looking free character that I haven’t installed yet but looks interesting.

Mainly, I’ve been trying out variations of an older freebie called Apollo Maximus available to download from here

This character has a tonne of body morphs and poses that allow him to be changed into pretty much any character that you can think of. I posed and accessorised him as a typical cyberpunk dropout so that I could try different materials and textures.

The sheer number of morphs make animating the character a bit of a trial so I might see if there’s a way to hide or group some of the ones that I don’t need to tidy up the interface.

Also,  the character isn’t compatible with Poser Talk Designer so when lip syncing I had to animate the old fashioned way by scrubbing through the timeline and adding phonemes as I went… with pretty shoddy results!

The mouth movements are too exaggerated, kinda like Wallace and Gromit, so I’ll need to tone those down next time.

I rendered the animation out as a 24fps image sequence and edited it in Kdenlive, I then added film grain and increased the contrast to give it a grimy, ‘used future’ look.

Rendered in Poser 10